Conceptual Budget Analysis

The conceptual Budget Analysis can project the cost of a proposed building design before the first line is drawn or specification only 24 HOURS. The Conceptual Budget Analysis provides architects, contractors and owners with the current construction cost of a proposed building project based upon conceptual design data. A Conceptual Budget Analysis starts with the submission of project information. This information is then entered into our database which calculates the quantities of all construction tasks. The type, size, design and quality of the intended structure is taken into account when deriving the construction costs. Labor and material costs are adjusted according to the projects zip code location. This step-by-step process results in a report to you which provides a cost breakdown by building system. This service is also available for Conceptual Site Analysis. To make this service as quick as possible, you can now submit a conceptual budget analysis by filling out a form on this web site. To obtain a conceptual analysis on a building and / or site plan, contact Building Evaluations.